Coffee Of The Month February 2018


Origin:  Kenya
Estate: Nchengo
Owner: Mr. P Kinyua
Region: Kiambu County
Altitude:  1650-1700 masl
Varietal: SL-28 & 34
Grade: AA PLUS
Processing: Washed

CuppingNotes: Rosehip,Blackcurrant, Maple Syrup

Roasting Notes:  City Plus (light-medium)

Kenya Nchengo Estate is from the Kiambu Country region. This coffee wasplanted in 1933 by the Coffee Board of Kenya at the estate, owned by the KinyuaFamily. The Kinyua Family owns and have worked at the estate for fourgenerations.

It is grown at avery high altitude which means the bean become dense. The density of the beangives a richer and bolder flavour. The estate is also situated between tworivers. When the coffee cherries are picked, they are fully washed with freshriver water situated nearby. Fully washing the cherries before naturally dryingin the sun gives the coffee a clean and bright taste.

Kenya uses agrading system for all of its exported coffee. It ranges from E(Elephant Size)to MH/ML. For our coffee, the grade is AA Plus. Grade AA is for larger screensize of 18mm and above. These usually fetch the highest price. After grading,they check on the quality of the beans. “Top” or “Plus” means they’ve allowedvery minimal defects as long as it does not affect the taste of coffee. 

This particularcoffee produces a clean cup with bright acidity. Notable Maple syrup aroma,with bright, juicy blackcurrant acidity and floral notes. Even sweeter as itcools.

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