Coffee Scrub

Whilst we enjoy a great cup of coffee, we are quick to throw
away the coffee grounds. There are many ways to recycle used coffee but one has
captured our attention – the Coffee Scrub. 

There is still caffeine in used
coffee grounds and caffeine is a natural anti-oxidant. It can help fight
against wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines. The caffeine also help increase
blood flow and reduce cellulite. In Aromatheraphy, the coffee scent is used to
combat depression, feelings of nausea and excessive thoughts. Because Coffee
Scrub is coarse, it can naturally exfoliate our skin giving you younger and
fresher skin.

All Coffee Scrubs are not created equally but since coffee
is one of the major wastages in our homes, why not make your own coffee scrub
with just two ingredients? Coffee Grounds and Organic Raw Coconut Oil.

The ratio we use to make Coffee Scrub is 1:1. For every cup
of coffee, use 1 cup of coconut oil.

In this article, we used:

250g coffee grounds

250g of melted  Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Raw Organic Coconut Oil (Amazon) Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Raw Organic Coconut Oil (Lakeland)

The grind size we use varies from fine to coarse. You will
need to crush all lumps and coffee pucks by hand. Alternatively, give it a
quick whizz in the blender until it resembles sand. Pour in melted Coconut Oil
and mix. Store in an airtight jar or pour in cupcake trays or moulds.

Go further by creating your own variation of Coffee Scrub by
adding Himalayan Salt or Raw Organic Brown Sugar. You can also add cinnamon and
vanilla extract which will give you more benefits.

Happy Brewing!

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