OrganicO Epsom

Machine: La Marzocco

Grinder: Anfim

Cups: Steelite International

Coffee: Blend of Nicaragua, Brazil and El Salvador beans

Epsom is a small town full of character. It also has a rich
heritage especially in horse racing and, of course, Epsom Salts. Brimming with a
mix of modern and old fashioned architecture, the market town is busy, diverse
and full of character. As I was walking through, I saw the words “freshly
roasted coffee beans”. I instantly pivoted and went in the shop – Organico.

I decided to have a look and try their flat whites. I also
purchased their Organico Blend beans to try at home. My first impression was
that the shop is very unique and attractive. It was filled with cobwebs and
dust but it was Halloween themed when I went in!

They have a huge array of organic products but I was more
interested in the café part of the shop. They use a La Marzocco Coffee Machine
and Anfim Coffee Grinder. They serve coffee in Steelite International Cups. I
like it when café’s actually pay attention to the crockery. It gives the
impression that they know how to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

We tried their espresso, latte, flat white, americano and a
gluten free dairy free blueberry muffin. I tried the espresso and it had a great
amount of crema and great colour which shows that it has been extracted well.
It had a very smooth mouthfeel and quite jammy. As a flat white, the milk cuts
the acidity and was able to have a very pronounced nutty and chocolate note. It
was a bit milky and would probably ask to up the dosage of the espresso next
time I visit. The Americano was indeed good. It had a very low fruity acidity
and almost tea like mouth feel.

The flat white was served in 6-8oz cup which is exactly how
I like it. I also like the fact that they served latte in a 10oz glass and not
in a very tall latte cup! That is also another sign of coffee respect.

The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. The barista has a
very good steady hands as his Latte Art was spot on. The only downside is that
their coffee beans are not dated. I asked when it was roasted and was told it
was about a week ago. Their coffee comes in a black metal foil bags with
ziplock and valve. It’s good storage as well.

Organico BEANS

Although there was no roasted on date on the packaging, the
coffee was still fresh. The description was probably the vaguest I have come
across in comparison to other freshly roasted beans specialist. This calls for
blind tasting!

In the coffee lab, I made an espresso using 21g dosage, 31.5g
out and in 32 seconds including 5 seconds of pre-infusion. The espresso,
although it was less acidic than the one in shop, was actually balanced, sweet
and jammy. Great mouthfeel too. This type of blend is great with milk.

Because I liked their Americano, I decided to try it in V60
with 12g of medium fine grinds. It was quite delicate with low acidity. Full of
chocolate and fruits.

Apart from coffee, they also serve fresh organic juice. They
also have dairy free and gluten free baked goods. Organico is first and
foremost a health food shop but their café isn’t one to be missed.

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