Colombia Swiss Water Decaffeinated

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This cup is a reminiscent of the sweet, buttery caramel candies.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated

Cupping notes:

Aroma: Nutty
Flavour: Caramel, Nutty
Aftertaste: Sweet
Acidity: mild acidity


What is Swiss Water Decaffeination Process? 

This process uses water, time and temperature to remove caffeine. First, they soak the green beans using the water from Coastal Mountain of British Columbia, to gently remove caffeine. They reserve the liquid called Green Coffee Extract or GCE and then discard the beans. This GCE is passed through a specialised charcoal carbon filters to remove caffeine. After filtration, the GCE is re-introduced to a new batch of green beans but without the caffeine. This process ensures that the original flavour and richness of the coffee is preserved throughout the decaffeination process. This process only uses water to remove caffeine and therefore, it is 100% chemical free and 99.9% caffeine free.

The decaffeination plant is based in British Columbia, Canada. It is called Swiss Water because the process was originated in Switzerland, not because they use the water from the Swiss Alps.

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